HLTH 2022: LUCID's Music Therapy Demo

November 18, 2022
3 minute read

Earlier this week, the LUCID team travelled to Las Vegas to attend HLTH 2022, one of healthcare’s leading innovation events worldwide.

With over 10,000 attendees, the event was packed with some of the industry’s most innovative, new, and impressive individuals and companies! From machine learning, to precision medicine, to medical device companies, LUCID was proud to represent a slice of the Canadian digital therapeutic sector.

During the three-day event, our team held an interactive demo that allowed attendees to experience a two-and-a-half-minute LUCID music therapy experience right then and there. Users were invited to relax and put their feet up in our chairs, then select their current mood state and desired state from a range of calm, focus, energize, and sleep. We had an amazing time welcoming 150+ attendees to experience music as medicine!

After making their selections, users wore noise-cancelling headphones and closed their eyes to experience a short version of our clinically validated music therapy. Projected on the screens behind them was a dashboard of our AI technology being put to work- those watching got to see everything going on behind the scenes!

This demo utilized facial recognition technology which analyzed microexpressions to determine their current emotional state, allowing for our AI to customize the music in real-time to move them toward their target state. Inputs of valence and arousal were also plotted on our emotional assessment grid. This informed the AI on how the music was working. With the current state and target state both plotted on the screen, viewers were able to see in real-time that the music was effectively changing people's moods for the better.

The feedback from those who participated in our music demo was much appreciated - we received such positive reactions from attendees across all sectors of health. We also got to engage in lively conversations with people who are equally passionate about the potential of music as a therapeutic. Exchanging our knowledge on the benefits of music in health, and exploring potential collaborations was the best part of this event by far!

We hope to stay in touch with all the new friends we made at HLTH 2022 and look forward to working with them on exciting new developments. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated with our work in transforming music into medicine.