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Music that listens.

Toronto, Canada

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Your soundtrack to stress relief

Vibe creates personalized music experiences scientifically designed to help you reduce stress, increase focus, and improve wellbeing. 

Music that Listens

Vibe draws upon cognitive science, music theory, and artificial intelligence to develop a personalized profile for each user.

Playlists are curated and enhanced to help you reach a mental goal.

Playlists dynamically adjust, in real-time, as Vibe observes your response to the music.

Whether you're looking to calm down after a stressful day or get in the zone while studying or working, Vibe creates a personalized outcome-based playlist for you.

Two Modes

Curated Music

Our musical content & ambient nature sounds are recorded in 3D audio for a completely immersive listening experience.


A proprietary blend of psychoacoustic stimuli is seamlessly infused within the audio mix to help you reach your wellness goals.

Artificial Intelligence

Vibe learns what music works best for you when you're stressed or cannot focus and builds a custom playlist in realtime that meets your specific and situational need.

Driven by science, backed by data

Scientific Advisors

With advisement from top researchers in the fields of Psychology, Music Cognition and User Centered Design, we’ve designed a system that harnesses the healing power of psychoacoustics, easily accessible through your mobile device.

Extensive research and testing into biometric and psychometric monitoring has allowed us to perfect an auditory experience that is intuitive and unique to each user.

Currently, LUCID is in collaboration with Ryerson University and Mercy Health Group to perform pre-clinical trials on our technology.

Validation Studies

Data Driven