We are turning music into medicine.

LUCID delivers personalized and validated music experiences to improve health and wellness outcomes through an easy-to-implement measurement and streaming service.

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Digital Music Therapy


Anxiety Study

Science & Technology

In-App Data


Preliminary Adult Acute Anxiety Study results demonstrate that our tech was effective in decreasing anxiety by 16%, and supports its use as part of an anxiety reduction program.


Extensive research and testing into biometric and psychometric monitoring has allowed us to perfect an auditory experience that is intuitive and unique to each user.


Listener sessions average 30 minutes each, with active users requesting 2.5 sessions per week. Our original content library encompasses non-vocal ambient, classical, chill, and instrumental music.

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Plug and Play, Seamless Integrations

LUCID provides partners with easy to integrate SDKs that enable best-in-class audio streaming and our proprietary user measurement tools. Partners can connect their own measurement devices such as wearables or user self-assessments. 

Personalized for every individual

Every music session delivered by LUCID is personalized to the user, where they begin their journey, and the desired end-goal.


LUCID is optimized to achieve results where emotion and energy intersect. Music to reduce stress, promote sleep, or even stay awake and alert.


Our Mobile App

Vibe embodies our core technology in a mobile app to allow users to access the LUCID experience from home. Playlists are curated and optimized by our AI agent to help you reach a mental or emotional goal. ​They dynamically adjust, in real-time, as Vibe observes your response to the music.


Whether you're looking to calm down after a stressful day or get in the zone while studying or working, Vibe creates a personalized outcome-based playlist for you.

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The Rejuvenation Pod is an immersive wellness solution that allows users to reach therapeutic states by adapting to their physiological responses in real-time.

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Field Trip Health

In partnership with Field Trip Health, LUCID created intent-driven immersive music content for their app Trip.

Partner Products

Music Services

Our Music Services branch can assist creators in producing music driven by wellness. We provide guidance through an 'Affective Composition Score' or the 'Affective Remix Engine' to optimize music for wellness using our AI's psychoacoustic insights.

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