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Unlocking the Power of Music for Each Listener

At the heart of LUCID is an understanding that music has immense power. To unlock this power, we must first understand the connection between the music and the listener.

As individuals, our brains and our tastes in music are unique. Our responses to auditory stimuli change depending on who we are, where we are, and what's happening inside and outside our minds. Our technology is designed to understand each individual’s response to music, and curate experiences for them accordingly.
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Our Proprietary Tech

Affective Music Recommendation System (AMRS)

‘AMRS’ is LUCID’s proprietary, patent-pending Affective Music Recommendation System, a deep reinforcement learning neural network that predicts and generates playlists to help users move towards their target mood state.
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How it Works

Curation, Measurement, Delivery, Optimization

Our closed-loop AMRS system is at the heart of the LUCID platform, which enables a personalized, effective, and enjoyable digital music therapy experience.
Custom integrations
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Original compositions & Specially Curated Music

AMRS is content-agnostic, thus it can be used to analyze and curate any existing library of music. Plug in a specified music library, and AMRS can curate an optimal playlist for the desired outcome.

LUCID’s original music library is composed by our team, using the ‘BioMIR’ system for validation, to drive towards specified emotional outcomes.
About our music
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BioMIR Composition Workflow

BioMIR (Biological Music Information Retrieval) is a deep learning system trained on thousands of users worldwide to learn the human emotional response to music. This system helps LUCID composers and engineers understand which musical features will elicit a particular emotional response, thus creating fit-for-purpose content for health & wellness outcomes.
Custom integrations

In addition, we have submitted patents on our two other technologies:

ABS Integration into Music

A method for seamlessly integrating binaural beats and monaural beats into a pre-existing or generated music track.

Affective Remix Engine

Automated remixes implemented by a machine learning system, optimizing your music for a single emotional outcome or an affective trajectory.

Safety & Compliance

We work with global innovators such as Laguna Health, dayzz, Fringe, Honeybee, and Steelcase to enhance their services and offerings.
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