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As a frontline or healthcare worker, we know it can be challenging to maintain your mental wellness during these times. You're battling stress, anxiety, fatigue, and exhaustion - all for the sake of keeping your community safe. We give our sincerest thanks to you, and we want to support you in any way we can!

We're excited to announce that all healthcare and frontline workers will receive two free months of VIBE Premium. You'll have complete access to the VIBE app for AI-personalized music to reduce stress and ease anxiety. We hope this helps during this time of crisis.

Please fill out the form below and we'll contact you with your account information. Please note that the VIBE App is currently available for devices with iOS 13.0+ installed!

Register for Free VIBE Premium

Soundtracks for Stress Relief

With five unique modes, VIBE has a soundtrack for every moment of your day - whether you're taking a break to rebalance, or relaxing after a long shift.


Calm Mode

Find balance & relieve your mind of stress


Find clarity and focus for increased productivity


Get a midday boost when feeling low on energy


Ease into deep relaxation after a day of work


Reconnect with nature using 3D binaural soundscapes, recorded in natural habitats around the world.

We give you our deepest gratitude and respect.

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