About us

At LUCID we design experiences that allow for engaging explorations of the mind, demonstrate innovative approaches to wellness, and push the boundaries of human-computer interaction. Our team is comprised of passionate artists, scientists, engineers, researchers, and communicators who all share a common goal: to create compelling interactions and build empathetic machines. Through human-centered design at the heart of art, science, and technology, we are able to develop accessible and sustainable wellness solutions that are shown to supply users with therapeutic results in as little as 4 minutes.

LUCID projects follow the four major pillars of our practice.



Considering the therapeutic requirements of each user, our system creates personalized music mixes that modulate in response to the user's biometrics. By individualizing wellness, we provide each user with the ability to co-create the content they need in that moment.



LUCID soundscapes contain powerful psychoacoustic elements that are capable of inducing restorative brain states. To compliment this, our team has spent a considerable amount of time shaping this stimuli to be experientially enjoyable and accessible to users of all ages and abilities.



LUCID strives to give every user a memorable wellness experience. In addition to the personalized auditory content, our experience is complimented with interactive environments that provide a fully immersive experience.



Through a production process that works synergistically with scientific research, we develop innovative projects that present participants with an engaging experience while progressing towards our groundbreaking research goals.