"Once you enter the soundscape, you don't want to leave. The system set up feels almost magical, like you've been taken to another world. I loved the experience, and I can see people using systems like this on a regular basis."

User #558

User #220

"4 minutes of this experience felt like a 20 minute massage. I felt very relaxed and "floaty" afterwards. I'd love to be able to take this home"

User #311

"I have an anxiety disorder and have recently stopped taking anxiety medication. In 4-min I was able to achieve the transcendental feeling I have not been able to achieve since stopping the medication. Thank you!"

User #758

Wow! The soundscape made me feel relaxed and nostalgic. Nostalgic because I was reminded that I was neglecting my relationship with nature. Living within the urban jungle that is Toronto, I find myself forgetting the momentous role that nature once had in our lives. LUCID not only allows you to reconnect with nature, but it freezes time in the most delicate of ways. Overall great project, truly an experience like none other.