Music Production

LUCID has a full-stack music production house supporting the work by Artistic Director & Composer Aaron Labbé. Through the LUCID project, Aaron has developed a methodology of composition called 'Psychoactive Music', a musical framework that seamlessly integrates psychoacoustic entrainment within interactive music mixes, providing personalized content for the listener. These compositions are also created and curated as a 'soundtrack to a user's day to day life', a new way of experiencing music that is essentially composed as a musical score of each aspect of a person's day cycle (tracks for waking up, resting, relaxing, sleeping, etc). 


In addition to our in-house compositions, our studio is currently building a community of artists that will be collaborating in the production of LUCID content. 

Experience Design

In addition to our Music Production house, LUCID also has a studio of installation artists that build immersive and engaging experiences surrounding LUCID's core auditory experience. These collaborators stem from a variety of artistic backgrounds including experiential lighting, design fabrication, computational art and fabrics/textiles.