LUCID for educational institutions.

Improve student life on campus by providing them with a personalized wellness experience that adapts to their needs.

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rejuvenation pod

The Rejuvenation Pod is an immersive wellness solution that allows users to reach therapeutic states by adapting to their physiological responses in real-time


Music and sound have the ability to positively influence our mood and emotions. LUCID takes these existing concepts and embeds research-supported multi-sensory stimuli while using biometrics and machine learning to personalize the experience.   


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Reduce Stress

It’s time for a break. LUCID helps to reduce anxiety & relieve stress in as little as 5 minutes.


Increase Productivity

Keep members of your organization motivated and engaged by encouraging them to schedule timely sessions to focus on their wellbeing.


Boost Energy

It’s time to plug in & recharge. LUCID sessions can provide energy boosts throughout the day.


Gain Valuable Insight

Receive high-level analytic reports. Make more informed decisions by identifying wellness trends and concerns.

A wellness space

that adapts to you


 Business Professionals 

Healthcare Providers

How it works



Numerous biometric signals including Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability & Skin Conductance are used to monitor stress levels & measure how the user responds to various stimuli.


Curated Music

The music and embedded psychoacoustic elements are personalized to each user based on their biometric data in real-time. Soundscapes are recorded using spatialized 3D audio in order to provide the user with the optimal immersive experience.

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The more you use it, the better it works. Our AI system optimizes music over time in order to meet your wellness needs. It’s music that listens to you!

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Light Therapy

Lighting panels employ the principles of colour therapy by slowly transitioning through dynamic cycles of lush and vibrant strokes of light.

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Tactile Audio

 Feel the soundscape throughout your body as 6 vibrotactile transducers pump rich subfrequencies for a completely immersive multisensory experience.

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Two Different Modes




Take a break

Calm mode effortlessly allows you to unwind with its soothing curated soundscapes. Sit back and relax as the entrainment tones gently guide your brain to a state of relaxation.




Focus mode is your go-to for waking up & reducing mental fatigue. This rejuvenating and vibrant curated music mix will give you that extra boost of energy.

Supported by Biometric & User Data

LUCID's technology has been tested by over 2000 users at various events, showcases & galleries. Check out our events page for more information. 

In collaboration with Steelcase & Seamless IoT, we performed a controlled study at Mercy Health Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 97 nurses and doctors participated in this study during a regular work day. Participants completed surveys before & after their LUCID experiences. Their biometric data was also collected throughout the experience. 

Calm Mode


Avg. Change in Heart Rate


Avg. Change in EDA*


Focus Mode


Avg. Change in Heart Rate


Avg. Change in EDA*


* EDA Skin conductance: An indication of psychological and physiological arousal. Skin conductance can be a measure of emotional and sympathetic nervous system responses

User testimonies

Very immersive. Felt like I was transported to another place. It was so relaxing.