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Things have been overwhelming lately. As a global community, we're facing lots of difficult news and significant change. As we settle into a new mode of living, working, and being, it's essential to support each other in this.


Our mission has always been to help people take control of their mental wellbeing through the power of music. That seems more important now than ever. Many of us are facing financial setbacks and mental health challenges. We want to do our part in making this a little easier.


If you're facing financial or mental health challenges during COVID-19, we'll set you up with a free VIBE Premium account. We are also extending this offer to select schools, businesses and nonprofits that are in need of help. 


You'll have complete access to our AI-personalized music to reduce stress and ease anxiety for two months. We hope this helps during this time of crisis. (Please note that VIBE is currently supported on devices with iOS 13.0+ installed.)

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Soundtracks for Stress Relief

With five unique modes, VIBE has a soundtrack for every moment of your day - whether you're focusing on a task, or doing a home yoga session.

Calm Mode

Find balance & relieve your mind of stress


Find clarity and focus for increased productivity


Get a midday boost when feeling low on energy


Ease into deep relaxation after a day of work


Reconnect with nature using 3D binaural soundscapes, recorded in natural habitats around the world.