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Iva Pivalica

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Sara Wigglesworth, Wyndham Matthiesen

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Amelia Tan


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Our Advisors

Dr. frank russo

Frank Russo is a professor of Psychology at Ryerson University, where he holds the Hear the World Research Chair in Music and Emotional Speech. He is also affiliate scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, core member of the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind (MIMM), and adjunct professor at the University of Toronto’s Music and Health Collaboratory (MaHRC). In his Science of Music Auditory Research and Technology (SMART) Lab at Ryerson, he conducts basic research on the biological, cognitive, and social-emotional bases of music and speech. He also engages in applied research assessing the potential for music-based interventions to contribute to health and wellbeing. His work tends to be interdisciplinary in nature but is most closely aligned with the academic disciplines of perceptual science, cognitive science, emotion science, and neuroplasticity. 

beverly dywan

Beverly Dywan is an Industrial Designer and strategist, and the sole proprietor of Design in Three Dimensions. Starting in 1990, D3D has provided experience and three dimensional design and strategic planning for cultural institutions. She has worked extensively in Canada, the US, and in Hong Kong. Beverly is also an instructor at OCAD University in the undergraduate Industrial Design program, and the graduate Inclusive Design program. Her special area of interest is designing for health and wellness, and she has taught courses pertaining to this area, and exhibited exceptional  student work that examines designing for special needs. Additionally she has been a consultant to the Toronto Rehab Institute, providing a window onto their research and innovation. Her Master’s degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation has enabled Beverly to help her clients move forward using trends analysis and market surveys to provide change with sustainability in mind. 


Dr. Maria Karam

Dr. Maria Karam is an inventor, founder, and research scientist specializing in the sensory substitution of sound as vibrations for accessibility and enhanced communication applications. Dr. Karam is also the founder of Tactile Audio Displays inc. and the Somato Cherry - a device that communicates textures over distances wirelessly. Maria’s latest project is the Inventors Nest; a mixed reality innovation hub situated in The Redwood Theatre in Toronto’s Lower East Side and the world’s first venue that makes sounds accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing people.