Music that listens.



Ai-driven system delivers curated music with psychoacoustics to create an experience that is both effortless and effective. LUCID is your personal soundtrack to wellness. 

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Your personal soundtrack to wellness

The LUCID mobile app is specifically designed to help you reach your wellness goals.

We combine curated music with psychoacoustics to create an experience that is both effortless and effective.

Whether you’re looking to calm down after a stressful day or get in the zone while working on a task, LUCID has a musical solution for you.


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Curated Music

Our musical content & ambient nature sounds are recorded in 3D audio for a completely immersive listening experience.


A proprietary blend of psychoacoustic stimuli is seamlessly infused within the audio mix to help you reach your mental goals even faster.

Artificial Intelligence

The more you use it, the better it works. Our AI system optimizes your music to better suit your mental wellness needs. It’s music that listens back.

Two different modes



Need a break?

Calm mode gives you an effortless way to escape stress and anxiety. The curated soundscapes lift your spirits as the entrainment tones gently guide your brain to a state of relaxation



Need to recharge?

Energize mode is your go-to music mix for waking up & reducing mental fatigue. Whatever the activity, LUCID will be there to give you that extra boost of energy to keep you going.

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How Children Can Use the App

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Music that listens.

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