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LUCID helps artists create music that is optimized for wellness 

Our real-world-tested machine learning engine can predict the emotional sentiment and the listener’s responses to your music. Go deeper in connecting your audience with your desired emotional intention, and optimize your music for their wellness goals. 

How it Works


BioMIR stands for Biological Music Information Retrieval. It is a machine learning system trained on thousands of users worldwide to learn the human emotional response to music. With this learning, it is able to help musicians better understand how features of their music will elicit a particular emotional response. 

Our Process

When you enlist our services, we first begin by predicting what musical features are needed for your specific emotional intention through our deep learning system, BioMIR (Biological Music Information Retrieval). These psychoacoustic insights will be compiled into a ‘Composition Lead Sheet’, detailing the acoustic features you need to induce the desired emotional response.

Our in-house producers - experienced musicians and sound engineers - then work alongside you to optimize your music for your target intention. Our producers will use BioMIR to validate their decisions during post-production while maintaining your creative vision. 

Recording Studio

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Want to know the predicted emotional response to your track?

Get a glimpse of BioMIR’s capabilities by requesting a free demo! We’ll run your music through BioMIR and send you a “Musical Sentiment Analysis”. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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